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Cheese Factories

Chalet Cheese Co-op – Retail Store at Factory

N4858 Cty. Hwy. N
Monroe, WI 53566

Chalet CheeseThis alpine style cheese factory co-op is located in the rolling hills of Green County north of Monroe. Established as a co-op in 1885, this factory has a rich history of producing high quality unique cheeses for over 125 years. Currently the Chalet Cheese Co-op has 21 members and has the distinction of being the only Limburger cheese factory in the U.S. Master cheesemakers Myron Olson (manager), Jamie Fahrney and their staff specialize in Swiss, Natural Smoked Swiss, Baby Swiss, Brick, German Brick and Liederkranz.

Chula Vista Cheese Co.

2923 Mayer Rd.
Browntown, WI 53522

In 1907 John Meyer leased ten acres of land with the contingency the land be used to build a cheese factory. The factory was built and the Meyer Farmstead Cheese was established. The co-op operated for over 75 years making Swiss and Limburger Cheeses. In 1985 Master Cheesemaker Jim Meives partnered with V & V Supremo who was looking for consolidation and experience to produce high quality cheeses and together formed Chula Vista Cheese.   Meives focuses on quality, improvement and a blend of Old World traditions. Master Cheesemakers Meives, Tim Pehl, Jeff Mattes and their crew at Chula Vista Cheese produce superior quality Mexican style cheeses marketed in Chicago by V & V Supremo Foods.

Colony Brands/Swiss Colony – Crossroads Outlet

1112 7th Avenue
Monroe WI 53566

The Swiss Colony began with the entrepreneurial spirit of young Ray Kubly. Using Swiss Colonyhis inspiration derived from a class project at University of Wisconsin, he designed and mailed handbills advertising cuts of Wisconsin bulk cheeses. In his first year (1926), he sold 50 packages of cheese. Over the next 28 years the company grew and was incorporated as The Swiss Colony in 1954. In 1961, Ray quit his regular job to focus on his own company. Today, The Swiss Colony is in the third generation of family ownership and has grown to one of the country’s largest cheese, pastry and food gift mail order companies as well as expanding to general merchandise encompassing numerous brands. For 80 years, the company has provided Old World traditions by offering delicious Wisconsin cheeses by mail. Swiss Colony also manufactures 38 flavors of cheese spreads, cheese logs and cheese wheels, from the popular Cheddar with Port Wine to the more unique Cheddar & Blue, Garden Vegetable and Cheese Fudge.

Decatur Dairy – Retail Store at Factory

W1668 Cty. Hwy. FDecatur Dairy

The original factory on this site was known as the Coldren Factory. In 1942, the co-op built a new factory and named it the Decatur Swiss Cheese Co-op. In 1982, the factory was incorporated as Decatur Dairy. This state, national and international award-winning factory, under direction of Master Cheesemaker – Steve Stettler, third generation cheesemaker, currently produces 31 varieties of cheese including award-winning Muenster, Havarti, Brick, Colby, Longhorn, Farmers and Swiss-lace (Stettler Swiss).

Deppeler Cheese Factory

W6805 Deppeler Rd.
Monroe, WI 53566

Deppeler CheeseEstablished in 1949 this cheese factory originally made Limburger, Brick, and Cheddar cheeses. This factory introduced Baby Swiss to Green County. In 2004 Chalet Cheese Co-op purchased the Deppeler cheese Factory. Currently head cheesemaker Silvan Blum produces international award winning 22-pound wheel Baby Swiss as well as 40 pound block Baby Swiss. Silvan has been shipping quality mail order cheese throughout the USA since 1997: Hefti Creek Specialties, W6309 Hefty Rd., Monticello WI.

Edelweiss Town Hall Cheese Co. – Cheese Store in New Glarus

Dba Edelweiss Creamery
W6117 Cty. Hwy. C
Monticello WI 53570
608-938-4094 (Phone)
608-938-4095 (fax)

Edelweiss FactoryA cheese factory has been on this site since 1873. The present factory was built in 1913. Bruce Workman, Master Cheesemaker, purchased the plant in 2003. At that time Workman purchased a factory that was severely deteriorated and closed for 16 years. After a complete redo including an imported equipment package from a cheese factory in Switzerland, Bruce and his staff were in business. Bruce has more Master Cheesemaker certifications (9) than any other cheesemaker in Wisconsin. Edelweiss makes 21 varieties of cheese including traditional 180 pound “old world” Emmentaler made in a copper lined kettle (the only cheese factory in the U.S. that does so) as well as Butterkase, Muenster, Havarti, Gouda and Lacy Swiss.

Emmi Roth U.S.A. – Cheese Store on Site


657 2nd St.
Monroe, WI 53566

Roth-KaseIn 1911 Otto Roth came from Switzerland to the USA establishing an importing business in New York. This was a natural expansion of his family’s cheese business which was started by his father in 1863 in Uster, Switzerland. Roth Kase U.S.A. was opened in Monroe in 1991, to craft European Style Specialty cheeses. Over the next 18 years the factory (Wheel of Swiss Chateau), was significantly upgraded with the reintroduction of wood curing and copper vats for Gruyere. In 2010 Roth Kase merged with Emmi Ag, forming Emmi Roth, U.S.A. and continues to offer high quality award winning European-style and artisan cheeses. Currently they offer 17 varieties of state, national, and international award winning cheese including Gran Cru, Grand Queso, Butter Kase, Vintage VanGogh and Raclette. Visitors may observe cheese production in an observation hall and visit the Alp and Dell Cheese and Wine retail store open daily.

Grande Cheese

M2607 Cty. Hwy. S
Juda, WI 53550

Grande CheeseThe inspiration of Grande Cheese goes back over a century to the small village of Montelepre, Italy, located on the sunny Mediterranean Island of Sicily to a company founded by Filippo Candela. Filippo came to the United States in 1926 and eventually established Grande cheese to make Italian style cheeses. The Juda facility was originally known as the Larson factory and is now producing 6 varieties of quality Italian cheeses including Mozzarella, Romano, and Ricotta. John Candela, chairman and son of Filippo, and Goeff Marcks, General Manager, are committed to producing the fine Italian cheeses that were made by their founder.

Henning’s Cheese

Kiel, WI

Henning’s Cheese was established in 1914, and is in its fourth generation of cheesemakers. One hundred years and numerous upgrades later , Henning Cheese still stands as a testament to a family commitment.  Henning’s Cheese manufactures numerous varieties of cheddar from a block of cheddar of a 12,000 mammoth wheel, also operating their own cheese store.

Klondike Cheese Co.

W7839 Hwy. 81
Monroe, WI 53566
608-325-3021 (phone)
608-325-3027 (fax)

KlondikeOriginally referred to as the Stauffacher Factory, Klondike Cheese came by its name by a comment made by a complaining worker during the process of digging out limestone after the factory burned down—“might as well be in the Klondike of Alaska digging for gold.” Although the factory dates back to the late 1800’s, the Buholzer family has been creating quality cheese and dairy products since 1925. Now in the fourth generation, their hard work, leadership, and innovation in equipment and formula resulted in continued growth and success. The three brothers of the third generation, Ron, Dave, and Steve, are Master Cheesemakers and all are actively involved in the business, in addition to the fourth generation. Today Klondike Cheese produces award winning Feta, Muenster, Brick, and Havarti Cheese as well as Greek yogurt.

Maple Leaf Cheese Co-op – Retail Store, Hwy. 11, Juda, WI

N890 Twin Grove Rd.
Twin Grove, WI

Maple Leaf in colorThis factory was built in 1947 as the Jefferson Center Co-op—Swiss cheese facility. The Co-op dated back to 1910 and still exists today with multi-generational members. Jeff Wideman began his cheesemaking career in the early 1970’s at the Jefferson Center plant, but took over his own factory (1983) southwest of Albany, Maple Leaf Cheese. When the Jefferson Center factory became available, Jeff moved Maple Leaf operations to Twin Grove. Master Cheesemakers Jeff Wideman and Paul Reigle and their staff produce over 30 varieties of award winning cheeses including Cheddar, Colby, Edam, Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack and a yogurt cheese. Over the years Maple Leaf has won over 100 state, national, and international awards.

Silver Lewis Co-op Cheese Co – Retail Store in Factory

W5075, Cty. EE
Monticello, WI 53570

Sillver LewisOne of the original four corner crossroads cheese factories in southern Wisconsin, the factory was built in 1897 by Truman Silver and George Lewis and is now the second oldest continuous operation cheese factory in Wisconsin. Josh (head cheesemaker) and Carla Erickson purchased the business from owner and long- time cheesemaker Bob Gmur in 2004. Josh learned his cheesemaking skills from the bottom up as his career before Silver Lewis involved three different factories. Currently 22 patrons provide the milk for 21 varieties of unique quality cheeses including Farmer, Brick and Muenster.

Swiss Heritage Cheese, Inc. – Retail Store in Factory

114 E. Coates Ave.
Monticello, WI 53570

Swiss HeritageBuilt in the 1930’s and originally known as a state of the art factory named Monticello Northside Swiss Cheese, Inc., it is now a family owned and operated cheese plant producing 10 varieties of quality cheese including Brick, Muenster, Marble Muenster, Hispanic, and Farmer Cheese. There retail includes the proprietary frozen/battered cheese curds, ready to take home and deep fry.


Valley View Cheese Co-op

6519 Larson Road
South Wayne WI

Valley ViewValley View dates back more than 130 years, surviving because of tradition, flexibility, hard work and quality products. Milk is supplied by a cooperative of 8 members in addition to purchases from the marketplace. The factory was purchased in 1979 by William and Hans Lehner, both previously employed by Ryser Bros of Mt. Horeb. Hans assumed ownership in 1979, and currently the factory operates under the direction of Mrs. Hans (Denise) Lehner and Hans Jr. (Hansi).   Valley View produces 20 varieties of award winning cheeses to include Muenster, Brick, Havarti, Quesadilla, and Butterkase.

W&W Dairy

2903 3rd St. N
Monroe, WI 53566

W and W DairyAfter 19 years of cheesemaking experience, Dave Webster and Kevin Wyss came to Monroe and teamed up with Jim Curran, Jr., a cheese consultant, to form W & W Dairy. A state of the art cheese plant was constructed in Monroe’s Northside Industrial Park, initiating production in May of 2008. Both Webster and Wyss are licensed cheesemakers and produce nine varieties of Hispanic cheese at this plant including Cotija, Quesadilla, Enchilado, Queso Fresco, Asadero, Blanco, Panela, Colby, Cheddar and Monterey style.

Wenger Springbrook Cheese – Retail Store in Factory

12805 N. Springbrook Rd.
Davis, IL 61019

Wenger SpringbrookThe original factory was built in 1899, at the current location, just south of the Wisconsin-Illinois line. By 1902, it became necessary to expand with a 20 foot addition. The factory burned to the ground in 1928, from a lightning strike. Persistence prevailed and the factory was rebuilt and survived the difficult economic years. Springbrook has been under the control of the Wenger family since 1965. With leadership, hard work, and quality reputation, Springbrook continues to grow and prosper. Today, under guidance of the third generation of Wenger cheesemakers, they specialize in Swiss, Baby Swiss, Brick, Muenster and Havarti cheeses.

Wisconsin Cheese Group

1722 12th St.
Monroe, WI 53566

Wisconsin Cheese GroupWisconsin Cheese Group, located in the downtown area of Monroe, was constructed in 1931 as the Monroe Center Swiss Cheese Factory and later became Milwaukee Cheese Co., no longer making Swiss cheese.   The Wisconsin Cheese Group was established in 2004 at the same location. Managed by Mike Mason and Paul Moser, Wisconsin Cheese Group creates 21 varieties of specialty and Hispanic cheeses, including Queso Blanco, Queso Para Freir, Queso Cremosa, Colja, Quesadilla, Panela Baskets, Colomblano, Dominicamo, Bakery Cheese, Pizza Cheese, Colby, Muenster, Cheddar and Havarti. They operate a packaging plant on the north- west side of Monroe.


Zimmerman Cheese, Inc. – Retail Outlet at Factory

N6853 Hwy. 78
South Wayne, WI 53587
608-968-3414 (phone)
608-968-3425 (fax)

Zimmerman CheeseZimmerman Cheese is in the third generation of cheesemakers. Werner Zimmerman, Sr. began making cheese in South Wayne WI in the 1930’s & 1940’s. Learning from his father, Werner Jr. became a cheesemaker in the 1950’s at the Green County Cheese Co-Op – Monroe. In 1979, Werner Jr., his wife and Son Brian purchased the Wiota Cheese & Butter Factory. Zimmerman Cheese operates as a family owned award winning cheese factory specializing in artisan cheeses including Brick, Muenster, Baby Jack, Baby Swiss, Asadero and Quesadilla.