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Memory Walkway

Memory Walkway“Pave the Way” Memory Walk is a continuous fundraiser for the National Historic Cheesemaking Center.  Engraved bricks create a walkway from the parking lot to the entrance of the National Historic Cheesemaking Center and Green County Welcome Center.

Two sections have been created: the main walk for friends and supporters of the Center and its partners and the triangular section beneath the front window reserved for individuals with an affiliation with the cheesemaking industry.

memory walkway2The National Historic Cheesemaking Center serves as a shrine to the dairy and cheese industries preserving the history of “….an era that was, that will never be again.”  In addition to the historic preservation efforts, this organization manages the county-wide Welcome Center at the “Gateway from Illinois to Wisconsin,” where guests are welcomed to the area and provided with regional tourism information

Have your name or recognize that special person in the eyes of thousands of visitors by placing your order for the placement of a brick on the walkway. Please print and complete the  Brick Order Form and send with your remittance to the address provided.

The officers, members and volunteers of the National Historic Cheesemaking Center and the Green County Welcome Center extend our appreciation for your consideration and support.

Your Consideration Is Appreciated

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