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Restored Cheese Factory

Imobersteg Farmstead

Cheese on Press TableThe Imobersteg farmstead cheese factory began as a family operation in the late 1800’s by Alfred and Anna Imobersteg, who emigrated from Switzerland in 1890. A short time later, area farms were included in the operation, making Swiss, limburger and brick cheese. The factory ceased operation in 1917, at which time the farmer’s realized an increase in income by transporting their milk to the Pet Milk Condensary in Orangeville, Illinois, providing canned milk for the soldiers during the war.   The factory sat dormant for over 90 years, until its discovery in 2009.

Steve & Future CheesemakerThe factory, with original equipment, was brought to the attention of National Historic Cheesemaking Center late in 2009, and donated by Arnold Imobersteg, son of Alfred and Anna. The structure was moved to the National Historic Cheesemaking Campus in June 2010, completely restored and dedicated five months later.

Each year on the second Saturday of June, a 90 pound wheel of Swiss cheese is made the way it was done over a century ago.